Solenne – a new extensive porcelain lighting collection

The art of pressing porcelain takes a long time to master. Behind every new component lies hard work and great care, which is why we are especially proud of our new extensive collection launching in 2023. Solenne is our biggest launch ever – in several aspects. We have never pressed porcelain components in such large dimensions, and the new generous opal glass shades will be the largest in our lighting assortment to date.

Introducing Solenne 2023

Solenne is designed by Kauppi & Kauppi and includes a total of seven lighting fixtures, all with generous matt opal glass shades and black or white glazed porcelain bases. Four of the fixtures follow our traditional range for ceiling, wall, and facade with IP44 ratings suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. The collection also includes three more novel types of lighting fixtures, taking our pressed porcelain to new indoor contexts. Solenne includes a grand pendant with a corresponding porcelain ceiling cup, a new table luminaire with a wooden base, and Ifö Electric’s very first floor lamp. The lighting technology in the collection is adapted for both home and public interiors, and the fixtures are equipped with new LED modules prepared for Smart Lighting technology, as well as classic E27 fittings.

Restoring a 1950s hydraulic press

The largest lighting fixtures in the collection have a base diameter of 220 mm. To make it possible to press such large parts for Solenne, we needed to restore and revive a stronger hydraulic press from the early 1950s. A press that was designed during the construction of the factory but ceased to be used sometime during the 1970s. After “being asleep” for almost four decades, the mighty machine with a press capacity of up to 75 tons has been put back to work. The renovation has been a wonderful challenge for our toolmakers, engineers, and production team, who have used their joint skills to preserve and modernize a unique manufacturing tradition.



Solenne – A vast lighting collection

Solenne’s lighting fixtures for walls, ceilings, and facades come in four sizes and shapes designed to fit different contexts. The smallest lighting fixture with a glass shade diameter of 210 mm has a more compact silhouette, designed to spread a pleasant light in smaller rooms or to create neat lighting points. The largest lighting fixture is designed to fit spacious interiors and exteriors with its flatter shape and significant glass shade with a diameter of 360 mm. The generous Solenne pendant lighting fixture is aimed for both home and public interiors. The soft shape of the glass shade diffuses the light well and spreads a pleasant glow upwards, on the corresponding porcelain ceiling cup. The pendant base and ceiling cup have bayonet fittings and adjustable wire brackets, making the lighting fixture easy to install. The two standalone lamps of the collection take our electro technical porcelain into the center of the room and puts the light on a pedestal. The new table luminaire and the large floor lamp both have a solid oak column base. A skilled craftsmanship performed by Bröderna Wigells Stolfabrik in Småland, one of Sweden’s oldest furniture manufacturers. The table and floor luminaires are IP20 rated for indoor use, suitable as environment-creating lighting.

Solenne – a few words from our designers

“Our first collaboration with Ifö Electric resulted in the Ohm collection, inspired by the insulators and connection boxes produced in the factory in the early 1900s. With Solenne, we continue to work with the softly rounded silhouettes, but on a much larger scale. The design collection includes lighting fixtures for traditional placements, as well as fixture types new to Ifö Electric´s range. We believe that porcelain as a material deserves to be showcased and appreciated. The material is resistant and unaffected by weather, wind, or water – and it is also incredibly beautiful!

The large, glazed surfaces of the pendant fixture bring out the best of the material and reflect not only the light, but also our fascination with the glazed pressed porcelain. The friendly shapes of the opal glass shades are not only about aesthetics, but also about diffusing light in a good way. Solenne is a functional luminaire family that spreads pleasant light without sharp contrasts or strong shadows. This is particularly notable in the large pendant fixture, which provides a soft light projection in the ceiling. The table and floor lamps appear in the same way, creating warm and cozy spaces. For us designers, it is a great honor to collaborate with Scandinavia’s only producer of pressed porcelain. Solenne is a tribute to Ifö Electric´s unique production and tradition”.

‒ Kauppi & Kauppi


We aimed to create a family of luminous lighting fixtures that highlights the beautiful properties of the porcelain while advancing our lighting tradition. The Solenne lighting fixture range includes larger shades and stronger lighting components, allowing architects to connect various interiors, spaces, and functions. When developing Solenne, we have remained true to our long-standing tradition of working with modularity to give the fixtures the longest possible lifespan”.

‒ Måns Kiaer, Product Manager


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