Durable & Dynamic Luminaires for Generations

We are delighted to present our 2022 news! Some of our most appreciated porcelain light fittings are now introduced with new dynamic LED modules – bringing Smart Lighting technology into the Ifö Electric assortment. The news includes 12 updated luminaire models, from 6 of our classical design series: Aton, Classic, Classic Globe, Contrast, Ohm and Opus. The luminaires with the new LED modules have an overall improved lighting quality, with an integrated solution making them prepared and ready for the wire transmitted DALI Smart Lighting system.

Smart Lighting systems allow you to digitally manage how lights operate, making it easy to switch and dim luminaires individually or in groups, create scenes and programs, set timers and more. The DALI system offers precise control of a single light fitting, to a group of luminaires forming a lighting scene or the entire lighting infrastructure of a building. Smart Lighting opens new possibilities to improve wellbeing and functionality, alongside important energy savings. We are makers of durable porcelain light fittings that last for generations, and proud to merge our unique tradition with today´s Smart Lighting technology.

Our durable tradition


Every Ifö Electric luminaire is made of pressed porcelain, a beloved and durable material giving our products a potentially longer lifespan than many buildings – neither wind, water nor strong sunlight change the glazed porcelain surface. Being the only Scandinavian press porcelain producer, makes us a proud carrier of a unique manufacturing tradition.

Design for generations

When bringing new designs into our advanced production, we always strive to achieve timeless shapes adaptable for all kinds of situations, with an aesthetic that blend the lines between spaces and generations. The same light fixture design that was bought by grandparent’s decades ago, is still in production and considered equally contemporary today, when grandchildren are planning the lighting for their new homes.


Throughout our history we have kept our form factors, the same thread dimensions for glass shades, the same fixed positions for mounting holes and a reliable method for assembling components. This allows us to offer many of our classical designs with several technical illumination generations side by side, embracing the retrofit bulbs next to new LED modules with or without integrated Smart Lighting technology.


Our dynamic development

Electro technical engineering

The unique press porcelain production allows fine precision details, along outstanding endurance, and insulation – characteristics perfectly suited for electro technical products. Construction, tooling and production, are performed by skilled engineers and craftsmen using their knowledge to merge our technical generations together.


Our light fittings are designed and constructed in a way that enables components to be disassembled and replaced if necessary. If the light technology standards change in the future, new parts can be added to the assortment and to existing models. This means that the luminaires together with the material’s own durability, have the conditions to achieve an exceptionally long lifetime.

Enhancements to meet new demands

How we illuminate our houses, buildings and surroundings is under constant development. Saving energy and resources is one aspect. Another is to illuminate the right space, the right way at the right time. Smart Lighting has entered the scene, allowing us to control and program our lights in homes and public buildings in new ways, awakening new demands. Our product development team has been busy and Ifö Electric is now happy to present Smart Lighting technology integration in some of our most beloved luminaire designs.

Our new dynamic LED modules

Our LED history

LED lighting technology has been on the global market for almost two decades. Since the first versions became commercially available, the development has been remarkable, going from small indicators to one of the main ways to illuminate homes, offices and contract buildings.

“Ifö Electric chose to introduce LED module fixtures to the assortment in 2014, at a point when the technology had gone from pioneering to being considered robust and standard. We encourage sustainable innovations, and when they are reliable, we are happy to integrate them in our assortment to meet customer expectations. Now it is time to implement Smart Lighting technology.”
– Måns Kiaer, Product Manager at Ifö Electric

New improved LED technology 2022

Our newest LED modules produces a light with improved quality and minimized flicker. When it comes to the experience of colour accuracy, the light needs to have a colour rendering resembling colours displayed in daylight. To measure it, the RA index is used, a scale from 0 to 100. Numbers above RA 90 are considered exceptional, suitable for environments where colour perception is important – such as bathrooms, health care facilities and museums. LED with RA 90 or above, is our new standard.

Integration of Smart Lighting

What makes our new LED modules dynamic? Our new LED modules are developed by Swedish company Optoga. Instead of using bulky external drivers, they invented a now patented solution of how to integrate control units with protocols inside the actual LED modules. The DALI control unit is small and looks a bit like an elongated sugar cube, easy to insert in an open slot. The same LED module can be used with or without Smart Lighting technology. This is what we call dynamic, when parts are interchangeable and can be used for different needs, filling more than one purpose – just like our porcelain components.

Consistent construction

In order to be able to update our luminaires with potentially even more improved lighting technology in the future, one thing is of extra importance – consistent design. Keeping the form factor is something that guides Ifö Electric. Our luminaires can and will be updated and improved over time to follow future standards and demands, in line with our tradition.

Smart Lighting technology

What is Smart Lighting?

The importance of light in our lives is fundamental. Depending on where we live, time of the day and what we are doing at the moment, the needs are different. We constantly need more light, less light, we turn lights on and off, we dim or highlight the space we are in. What Smart Lighting does, is letting you control everything from one single light fitting in a room, to a group of luminaires, or an entire lighting system in a five-story building. The Smart Lighting systems allows fixtures to be programmed, modified, grouped, and regrouped when needed.

The benefits of Smart Lighting

From an individual perspective, the comfortable light quality, and the ability to control the light in a smooth and precise way, is what you mainly will see and experience. From a greater perspective, there are additional benefits such as energy savings, by only illuminating spaces when there is a need for it. The Smart Lighting systems are overall flexible and highly scalable with solutions for entire buildings need for lighting infrastructure.

What is DALI?

The digital lighting communication protocol DALI was developed in late 1990s and provides control over, and communication between, components in a lighting system. DALI has a fantastic scalability and is used in all types of buildings, at this point recognized as the global standard for lighting control. The DALI signal is wire-carried and is used to manage settings of individual light fixtures or groups of luminaires wired together. All Ifö Electric’s DALI ready light fittings have LED modules with an integrated control unit, a slim solution making the luminaires completely ready to be wired up and installed without an extra external driver.