Ifö Electric visits Höghult

The architects at Fabel Arkitektur have a certain approach when designing new houses and dwellings. With wood as their main material, they develop housings carefully embedded in the surroundings. Ifö Electric had the opportunity to visit the “Höghult” house for a viewing and a chat with the architects Catharina Dahl Palmér and Sofie Campanello.

– What kind of building is the house in Höghult and what does the site look like? 

The building is located on top of a hill with an extensive view, overlooking an adjacent lake. The house is built for recreation, to be able to enjoy the unique place. There is a sauna, a bedroom, and an open hall next to two patios. The building consists of a closed horizontal timber volume and an open timber framing part. Both units are wooden constructions, built entirely without using screws and nails. 

– What vision did you have when you designed the house? 

We wanted to make an addition to the place which was restrained and magnificent at the same time and which had an interaction with the surrounding nature. Simplicity and clarity have been key words throughout the process. 

– Tell us about the choice of porcelain luminaires for the house? 

The house is built with traditional techniques that we have interpreted in a new way. We wanted all additions and materials in the house that were not made of wood to be pure, honest and easy to interpret.

The luminaires in the Ohm series are just like the house, a reinterpretation, in their case of the classic porcelain luminaire, so they felt like an obvious addition and adornment. A similarity between the luminaires and the building is the simplicity and clarity. It is easy to understand how both the luminaire and the building are composed. Each component can be replaced, repaired, and altered.