Fuse links

Ifö Electric’s D-fuse links have been the standard for electrical safety since the 1930s. For many generations of users they represent safety both at the workplace and in the home. Ifö’s fuse links are constructed from the best conceivable materials. 

The body is ceramic and withstands harsh environments and high breaking currents. The terminal contacts are nickel-plated or silver-plated to protect them from corrosion and to provide low transition resistance.

The fuse element consists of a silver-plated copper band that ensures a long working life. The extinguishing sand is carefully selected in order to extinguish an electric arc rapidly and effectively. It is perhaps hardly surprising to learn that we have produced over 3 billion D-fuse links!

Our environmental efforts are not only inspired by the beautiful, natural surroundings around Lake Ivö. The environmental concept has also become an important competitive advantage. Since, in addition, we have been successful in converting environmental advantages into an economic argument in respect of the end-user as well, this is when the work generates even greater satisfaction.

One such example is the Hicap Eco NH fuse link. If everyone had chosen Hicap Eco this would have spared the environment tonnes of cadmium and lead every year. Hicap Eco was the first NH fuse link which met the latest EU recommendations with regard to the reduction of heavy metals. We continue to develop our products with environmental awareness without compromising on safety or quality.