Quality and environment

Environmental issues are high on the agenda in the world today – rightly so. We must all do what we can to improve living conditions for both humans and animals and thus our planet.

At Ifö Electric we work with porcelain, which is nature’s own material. We refine the product as gently as we can and also have recycling in mind where possible. Discarded unburned material is always reused when we make new clay material for our products, in fact our recipe requires a certain amount of recycled material. We would like to see that products that we cannot use ourselves will benefit in some other way. As an example, Ifö Center is working on making works of art with shades that didn’t go through our quality control and secondhand stores close by sell lighting fixtures that come back from trade fairs.

We develop our products with the environment in mind, our LED modules use less power and last longer. Our production is in Sweden, which in turn reduces the transport impact. And last but not least, our products are made to last, both in quality and design. The luminaries your parents have in their bathroom today will be desirable classics when it’s time for your children to redecorate their bathrooms.

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