Our history

The story of Ifö Electric began in 1934 in Bromölla. Or, actually it started even earlier, but that’s when the part of Iföverken that produces low voltage porcelain products was founded.

Already in 1887 limestone and kaolin clay were found at Ivöklack in Lake Ivö, in 1919 the production of electrotechnical porcelain started and in 1927 Iföverken was founded. 1934, which we count as the start of Ifö Electric, was the year when the production of Diazed fuse links started. In the sixties the production of luminaries began. In 1965 Sigvard Bernadotte designed our classic Bernadotte luminaires that are still in production.

During the seventies and eighties the main focus was on fuse links of all types. Several products and techniques developed during this period are still in use in low voltage fuse links in Europe, both Diazed type and knife type. Medium voltage fuse links were developed as part of a complete system and cabinets for distribution in utility networks were introduced.

Today we still produce Diazed fuse links, distribution cabinets and luminaires. The complete product range also includes all types of low voltage fuse links, medium voltage fuse links and accessories.

Our collaboration with designers has continued, in addition to Sigvard Bernadotte, more well-known designers have over the years made luminaries for Ifö Electric. For example, Gunnar Nylund, Stig Carlsson, Hans-Agne Jakobsson and Duoform. In recent years, the collaboration with Åsa Lindsjö, who is a porcelain artist, and the design duo Johan and Nina Kauppi are well worth mentioning.

Porcelain is our material. Not only because it is beautiful but also for its many fantastic features. It is durable, can withstand heat and cold and therefore weather and wind, it is easy to maintain and is also environmentally friendly. A luminaire in porcelain emits less than one kilogram of carbon dioxide equivalents during its production cycle. Our luminaires can be used outdoors as well as indoors, as sauna luminaires or in wet rooms, as external lighting or as work lighting in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

All manufacturing takes place in our own premises in Bromölla that were built in 1947, on the edge of Lake Ivö. This is where we belong, we will always produce our luminaires and Diazed fuse links with skilled staff who always do their best to fulfill our customers’ wishes and our own high quality requirements. As one of our customers once said – Ifö Electric has always been around and will always be.